We’ve moved! (Bedroom Inspo)

I’m writing this blogpost at 8tea5 in Antwerp, a bar that serves Bubble Tea which is very popular amongst the teenagers in this city. And maybe that’s the reason I got a sudden craving to try Bubble Tea for the first time. I just miss being a careless teenager sometimes. 

School has been super stressful and that’s one of the main reasons why it’s been so long since I wrote a post. Next to that, I’ve had some personal issues that have to do with stress, performance anxiety, loneliness and body image. I had a period where I forgot about all my dreams and ambitions and didn’t know where I was heading. But I pushed myself to pick up blogging again and I’m loving it. It feels like everything falls back into place and it reminds me of my passions, which school kind of made me forget about.

To make the situation even more stressing my boyfriend and I decided to move to the appartement of our dreams. Not the best timing, but the apartment just stumbled upon us and we couldn’t let the opportunity slip. It’s still a bit of a mess and not all the boxes are unpacked, but I can happily say that I finally feel home somewhere. Living in a very bright appartement, waking up next to my boyfriend, cooking breakfast on a gas stove and walking our cute little pug in our lovely new neighbourhood “Het Eilandje” is all I need to call a place “home”.

For me the bedroom is one of the most important places in a home. As I told you before I’m a stressy person and when my bedroom is a mess it just makes things worse. Last year I really liked the idea of a bohemian bedroom with lots of plants and vintage furniture, now however the thought of that creeps me out. Our new bedroom is bigger than our last one and I really like having a lot of open space around the bed. It’s just so calming for the mind.

I get most of my interior ispiration from Pinterest, a website that has kept me awake in many four-hour lectures this year. Here are some of my favourite pins:

I really like the idea of subtle toned sheets instead of your typical white bedding.

I love how spacious this bedroom looks! And again… subtle toned sheets.

Although I really like the look of a spacious and quite empty bedroom, we’re really struggling with a lack of storage. A closed closet like this would be perfect to hide away some stuff! And I like the idea of putting a few photo’s, books or flowers on top.

In love with this wall hanging! I love the idea of an empty wall with just one simple piece hanging above the bed. Still doubting if we’re going for a framed print or a woven piece like this.

In love with this nightstand!

Although I’m not into a bedroom jungle anymore, I think it would be nice to have one large plant in the corner.

This is the kind of bed we’re thinking about making. I’m lucky that my dad is pretty good at crafting furniture and he’s helping us out with creating or re-creating some unique and high quality pieces.

So that’s my inspiration for now. I will keep you updated with our bedroom and home improvements through Instagram and also a new blogpost when we get a bit more progress into our new apartment. It will all take some more time, but no need to rush as it’s such a fun process…..

Here’s a short list of (online) furniture shops I’m interested in and may be buying from:

Any tips for other nice furniture shops?

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