Romantic evenings in Antwerp (Where to go?)

While other couples browse for series on Netflix, my boyfriend and I browse through Google Maps for restaurants. We both love food and both have a very long list of ‘favorite restaurants’ on our phones. Before we go out, we spend an hour in the kitchen naming restaurants and changing our minds about where we’re going. I recently received a request for ‘Romantic Restaurants’ through Instagram. So I thought that making a shorter list with only my absolute favorites, would help us and other couples out.

BARBEL: For a good glass of wine and delicious tapas

Barbel is my favorite pre-dinner stop. I always get very good vibes at this place. My boyfriend, a very good glass of wine, a plate of Manchego, candle light and the buzzing sound of other people talking about their day and having a nice time, just make me love life a little bit more. I’ve had so many fun evenings at this place. It’s true that alcohol helps with the happy feels, but it’s just the general vibe of this place that makes me feel so happy and cosy.

JINZA: For your boyfriend or girlfriends birthday dinner

I’m so grateful that Spencer took me here for my birthday. Maybe it’s because we’re both so interested in food that this was such a romantic evening; bending our heads over the menu and getting super excited over what we were going to pick, rolling our eyes at each other after our first bite… The atmosphere is good, the waiters are super nice and interactive, and the Asian and French inspired food is one of the best I ever had. This was definitely one of the best evenings of my life.

ORSO PIZZERIA: For delicious pizza and a tête à tête

Pizza is my favourite food. And Orso does a great job at it! It’s a very small restaurant with only a few tables which creates a cosy atmosphere. I just love sitting at one of their small marble tables with a good glass of natural wine, a delicious pizza and good company. Orso is great for a romantic evening without going broke. It’s very reasonable prized and the vibe is quite casual. You do not have to have a special occasion to go and have a wonderful evening at this place.

BARBARELLA: for a very romantic atmosphere and Italian food

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this place, but I guess that shows how much ‘in the moment’ I was when we were here for dinner. I was having such a good time that I simply forgot. After having drinks near the Scheldt, my parents, my boyfriend and I went to Barbarella for an easy dinner. Going out for dinner with your parents and your boyfriend is a double date right? Although we went there for pizza, three of us decided to go for the pasta of the week which was delicious and super fancy. I love the interior of this place; a long bar, dimmed lights and not too many tables. I can’t wait to go back (and take a picture for you guys).

STAFF’S KANTINE: for candle light and an exceptionally and delicious menu

Staff’s Kantine is my favorite restaurant in Antwerp. The vibe here is super cosy, and the food never disappoints me. It’s just so good. They have a weekly changing menu with a couple very good staples that are always on there. Wether you’re feeling like pasta, fish, a steak, a stew… it’s on their menu. The food is classic but with an original twist. My boyfriend and I actually had dinner at Staff’s Kantine last week. We both went for the garlic mussels. Very romantic indeed. If you both eat garlic, neither of you will smell it. I don’t know why, but eating mussels with your loved one is just so romantic.

Feel free to send me tips for other romantic bars/restaurants I should give a go!

Author: Jeanne

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