3 Days in Cascais

This trip seems ages ago, but looking at the photos brings back all the happy feels I had in Cascais. In my blogpost about Matosinhos & Porto I claimed that I liked Matosinhos the most of all the places we visited in Portugal, but now that I’m bringing back te memories of Cascais I realise how beautiful and fun it was out there. Every place we visited was different but they were all worth it! Unfortunately there were many many tourists in Cascais which really sucked. I highly recommend going in months that aren’t called July or August. But then again, the weather isn’t as nice if you don’t go in summer.

Moules & Gin

The first time I visited Cascais was three years ago with my sister. Since Cascais is a pretty small town, I had already been to many of the restaurants on my list. But it’s also really fun to guide someone else around and take them to the places you’re excited about. I just had such good experiences at these restaurants that I’d been looking forward to revisiting them from the moment we booked our flights. Although this was only my second visit to Cascais, it was my third time having dinner at Moules & Gin which proves how good this place is. They have a long list of different Gin Tonic’s and Mussels in various cooking methods. If only we had a restaurant like this where I live… Mussels every day!

Hamburgueria do Bairro

Again, a place I’ve visited three times now… The town is just so small that you pass by this hamburger place every single time you want to go to the beach or the supermarket and it is just so tempting! I’m kind of starting to feel sad right at this moment because I realise how badly I would like to go back to this lovely, calming and beautiful place. (And have a burger ofcourse)

Marisco Na Praca

You guys, this might be one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. Not that it was that special or luxurious, but the natural flavour of the seafood and their concept is so on point. You go to a counter where there is fresh seafood and fish on display and you just point out what you want and how much and they weigh it for you (just like at the fishmarket) and then it goes straight to the kitchen and then straight to your table. I didn’t like shrimps before because I didn’t like their chewiness. But my boyfriend convinced me to give them a try and let me tell you, SHRIMPS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CHEWY, I realise now. And yes, in only three days we had dinner here twice. One word: Brainjuice. Anyone? 

Crepes da Vila

Look, you don’t HAVE to go to Crepes da Vila. But if you’re craving a sweet or salted pancake or waffle or anything else. This is the place you can go to indulge. I like the combination of sweet and salty and really enjoyed this salted crêpe. Sometimes you just need a little dough with bacon and cheese, don’t you?

The beach, ofcourse

On our first day we wanted to go to the beach but it was so damn crowded. Seriously I almost had someone’s toes up my nose. It just wasn’t nice (the cocktail we had helped me calm down though). On our last day we walked a little further than the nearest beach and found a very nice and calm spot. So if you want to go to the beach in Cascais (which you probably do) I recommend doing a little research before going to the nearest beach.

That’s it! Have you visited Cascais yet? Feel free to send me your recommendations for whenever I go back. I can’t wait. Traveling is so good and it makes me so happy. It just feeds the soul. Stay tuned for my travelguide to Lisbon (our last stop in Portugal).


Author: Jeanne

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