On hair removal and body confidence

I remember looking up “armpit hair” in my “For Girls Only” book at the age of 11. Although the book covered everything from heartbreaks to periods, it couldn’t comfort me with a chapter that explained that it was totally normal for me to already have hair growing out of my armpits earlier than my girlfriends. I mean, if a book about puberty hasn’t got any information about it, there must be something wrong with me, right? Of course some girls in my class already had boobs or their periods, but I thought I was the only one who had armpit hair that early and I was terrified. 

After a couple weeks of denial and walking around with t-shirts that made sure to cover my armpits, my mom proposed to shave them for me. It was such a relief and I felt like I could finally be a kid again. But of course it came back: darker, thicker and not only under my arms.

At the age of 14 I shaved my armpits almost every day and at the age of 16 also down there. Let me tell you, even if I shaved it, it was still there. It were just dark patches and after an hour or so the hair grew back again. I never really had a problem with my legs since they have very little and fine blond hairs. My other bodyparts however were a disaster, I thought. And especially when I got my first real boyfriend I got very uncomfortable about it and was afraid to spend the night because I knew that the hair would be back in the morning. And he would of course find I was a hairy gorilla.

I met a friend in highschool who also ‘suffered’ from dark pubic hairs and she took me to a place where I could get my eyebrows threaded. And that’s how I ended up in the back of a nightshop in a sofa of a woman who was threading my eyebrow with the thread in her mouth and inbetween her fingers while her naked foot was supporting her on the sofa beside me while I was holding my eye and crying at the same time. It was a very strange experience and I came out with almost no eyebrows. It cost only 5€ so there was no real harm. After that I went to a better place where it cost 15€ and it was done with wax. I loved it. It’s painful but comforting at the same time and you just feel pampered. Although my eyebrows were tamed I was still struggling with my other body parts which were still hairy (bikini line, armpits and (yes) my toes).

I met my current boyfriend who is very open minded about all this and I don’t think he would really care much if I would just let it all do its thing. But still, it’s nice to just feel clean and let me tell you: hairy armpits make me sweat like hell. After looking up information online and feeling like my age was now appropriate to do such thing, I decided to go for a wax at Yves Rocher. The only affordable place (for me) to go for a wax.

I almost fainted before going in, because I was so scared. I heard so many stories about the pain and I didn’t know what to expect. I also thought the employee would judge me, but it was non of that. Yes it’s painful but so is working out, stretching and studying. There was a little blood and my butt cheeks stuck together with wax walking home. After an hour or so I had to take of my panties because it became so warm and it also started swelling. It wasn’t a pretty sight and not the best condition to go to Barcelona (the reason I got the wax in the first place). But I was very happy about my armpits and after a while the swelling of my bikini line took off. And then the reward: 3 WEEKS OF NO SHAVING. Besides, the hair that grew back was fluffy and light.

I was convinced by then. I didn’t care about the pain anymore because this pain got rid of a big part of my body insecurities. Also, the second time you go is way less painful because the hairs aren’t as thick and it didn’t swell like it did the first time. Of course you still get ingrown hairs and all that crap, but it’s nothing compared to the scars I got from shaving.

Today, I don’t shave anymore. I get my eyebrows, armpits, bikini line, bottom part of my legs and even my toes waxed. It is a bit pricey in the end, but at Yves Rocher it’s pretty OK. And what’s this price compared to feeling uncomfortable and insecure at the beach, with your boyfriend of simply lifting up your arms at work? I would highly recommend anyone who has a hard time getting rid of pubic hair (and wants to get rid of it) to look into waxing. It has changed my life and I would be so happy if this blogpost could help you fight an insecurity or a fear. You are not alone in this.

X Your hairy friend

Author: Jeanne

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