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I had been to Lisbon before and it is truly one of my favourite cities in the world. However, it was our last destination of our beautiful two week trip in Portugal and I was so incredibly sad for it to end that I got very emotional and even sick after our first day in Lisbon. Maybe it was something I ate or drank or maybe it was that I was stressing out so much about having to go back that it made me sick. I’m not sure but quite often my mental state effects my body. So there were many hours spend lying on the bed of our hotelroom crying, but after two days I was able to kind of get back to what I’m good at: eating. And in the end we did make some beautiful memories together and I love Spencer even more after him being so good to me and taking care of me while I was sick. He’s so sweet.

Time Out Market (O Prego da Peixaria)

Our first lunch in Lisbon was at the very crowded and unpleasant Time Out Market. I had been there before with my sister when there was almost no one which actually made us think that this was going to go out of business soon. Now however, it was the total opposite. People were almost fighting for a seat. After wandering around for a bit we got ourselves a spot and some delicious seafood sandwiches. We shared a soft shell crab sandwich and a shrimp/salmon burger with seaweed which were both soooo good. I would highly recommend to go and try the food at O Prego da Peixaria’s stand, but try to go in calmer months because it’s absolutely not fun when it’s that crowded.

Pub Lisboeta

Since everyone eats very late in Portugal we’ve had many aperitifs on our trip to keep us full until 21am. On this evening however, we actually had dinner at 23pm because the line for our restaurant was super long! This cute little bar actually kept us entertained until we got a spot at A Cevicheria. It was a very cute little bar and looking at the food on their menu we started doubting to skip the restaurant and just order some food here. But that’s for another time!

A Cevicheria

So this is the delicious restaurant I mentioned above! A vegan friend of mine actually recommended me to go to this place which took me by surprise. I assumed she wasn’t vegan any longer. After talking to her about this place a few weeks later she explained that they made an entire vegan menu for her which she said to be delicious. I think it’s incredibly nice that a ceviche restaurant which is so famous is willing to do something like that! The drinks were gorgeous and the ceviche tasted like a dream. This trip turned me into a total ceviche lover! As two people who love cooking it was lovely to get a seat at the bar where we could have a look in the open kitchen. An unforgettable romantic evening that was worth the wait.


This was the morning I got very sick. Although my stomach was hurting so much, I pulled myself out of bed because I really wanted to give breakfast at the famous Nicolau a go. Walking through the heat on the way over there I found out that this was a bad idea as I felt worse with every minute. Being te food-obsessed person I am and really not wanting to ruin our last days I pushed through and got ourselves a spot. Thinking back, this is crazy. I managed to finish a Açai bowl which I enjoyed as much as possible. Now that I’m feeling well and thinking back about it, I’m dying to go back and try everything of the menu! It’s such a pity that I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I would now. After this breakfast, we went back to the hotel and stayed there for the rest of the day. We did have a sneaky trip to Subway in the evening which was right next to our hotel. I figured white bread with a slice of ham and cheese and tomato would be good for my tummy. And it did help actually! We also are both secret Subway lovers but never had been together so nevertheless I was feeling miserable we made a beautiful memory going there together and laughing over the nostalgic music videos they were playing on their tv.

Pastelaria Alcôa

The next morning I woke up feeling better but still a bit fragile so we decided to go for a ‘small’ breakfast at Pastelaria Alcôa. I was so relieved to finally have my Pastei de Nata! I had been putting it off and off because I wanted to wait until we were in Lisbon to have a real good one. But then I got sick and thought I wouldn’t be able to get one in the end. This one from Pastelaria Alcoa was truly delicious. (Although I almost fainted afterwards and had to run outside to sit on the sidewalk with a bottle of water followed by an urgent trip to the toilet. I can now honestly say I almost fainted after eating something delicious). Lord, I really have to learn how to take care of myself and listen to my body. I just really wanted to get better and pushed myself to do ‘normal’ things again. Nevertheless, this was a great spot for breakfast and I would definitely go back here!


In the afternoon when I was feeling much better we went to PARK for a late lunch. PARK is a super cool bar on the rooftop of a Parking, hence the name. We had a delicious steak sandwich (which by the way is a Portuguese delicacy which you definitely have to give a go) and some very good chicken wings. I would highly recommend visiting PARK for an evening hang out! I loved the concept.

Pizzaria Lisboa

This might have been the best pizza I ever had! Besides the fact that the toppings were exactly what I would choose if I were to put together a pizza myself, the dough was just perfect! I have to admit that I’m not picky when it comes to pizza dough. I like a thick dough, a crusty and a sloppy one. This one was perfectly thin and crispy! I went for a pizza with truffle, mortadella and burrata which tasted like heaven! Also, the interior of this restaurant is very nice and the staff is incredibly polite! It was a lovely experience.

The Mill

The people in front of the window leaning their backs against it, might give away how famous this little breakfast place is. And it did live up to its expectations. The Mill is a very cool place serving various breakfast dishes. I had a very hard time picking something of the menu because it all sounded so good. This is a very nice place to go to if you’re craving something other than Pasteis de Nata for breakfast. We arrived right in time before the big crowd came and for once got seated immedately, for what was pretty much the first time on this trip.

A Ginjinha

Very happy to be feeling better, I jumped right back into the swing of things with a delicious shot of a Portuguese alcoholic beverage called Ginjinha. It’s a cute spot, it’s cheap and it’s delicious, that’s all I got to say about this!


I’m actually dying to go back to this place! I’m so sad that we only discovered this on our last day. Their menu is like a dream and literally everything on it appealed to me. After changing our minds a million times, we decided to both go for the matcha pancakes with cashew creme. OMG this was so good. This place is also very veggie and vegan friendly!

The B Temple

On our last evening we were craving some burgers. After a lot of online research we decided to go to a place we had passed and had caught our eye the other night on our way to Pizzaria Lisboa. We made a good decision going here, since the burgers were very good. No dry patties here! The B Temple is the way to go when you’re craving a hamburger in Lisbon.

We ended the night on a bench on a square with me crying because I really didn’t want to leave. Very sad, but it shows how much of a good time we had. And don’t worry about me you guys, I’m trying meditation and yoga at the moment to calm my mind so I hopefully won’t get sick and start stressing and crying on my next trip. Life at home can be so stressful sometimes and traveling can often get rid of that feeling, which makes it very scary to go back. But let’s just all close our eyes from time to time and think about our beautiful summer. And maybe also put aside some money every month hoping to travel more often? It’s much needed for me. Very much needed.


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